to our COV-19 safe operation…scheduling to accommodate distancing in the shop for designers, contactless deliveries
*, extra cleaning/sanitizing measures and closing our doors to the public.  That last one is the most painful, as we love all of our customers dropping in to chat and all the various characters that are just passing by on their way down Magazine... Unfortunately, we are just too small to let you in!  That doesn’t mean that we can’t help you put together a beautiful arrangement, event or wedding!
Just call us at 504-529-1638
Or click on the 'Flower Arrangements' button below to place your order online

(curbside pickup or delivery)
We are back to full service, with daily contactless delivery* availability if you call us before 1pm (9am on Saturday)...unless we get too busy!!!  We are also offering call-ahead, curbside pickup.  

*no clipboard/pen are exchanged between driver and recipient.

Unfortunately, worldwide flower shipping is STILL not consistent.  From week to week we never know what flower will be difficult to get!  We will make your arrangement as close as possible to your specifics or our photos.  We would love to chat with you to make sure your arrangement is the most it can be!  Hopefully the flower supplies will become consistent soon!  Thank you for your understanding.

Shop hours are back to our real normal –

Monday – Friday 8:30 – 5:30
Saturday 8:30 – 12
Sunday REST 

We really can’t wait to open our doors to you again, but our family sees no reason to take chances with this STILL being such an uncertain situation. 

We want all of you to stay safe, be kind, and be respectful of everyone.  'Normalcy' shall return, right?
We love you,

Everyone here at harkins, the florist 

Since the very beginning of harkins, the florist, Bunny Matthews has promoted us magnificently with his totally creative cartoons. Inspiration for the first of the series was a neighbor on Magazine Street. Now 35 years later, Bunny continues to come up with new, witty ideas for all the major flower holidays he has done over and over again. We include many of them here on the web site for your enjoyment.

bunny matthews