***We create beautiful funeral pieces for services taking place any time of day, BUT, Please understand that we cannot make early morning funeral pieces for ONLINE ORDERS THAT ARE PLACED AFTER 3PM or OVERNIGHT (for the following morning.)***

These pictures show a lovely grouping of pieces. All of the floral arrangements from the family were coordinated and gracefully displayed on and around the casket. Should you care to have an ensemble such as this, our skilled, experienced designers will help you choose just the setting for your loved one.

Casket Spray-8               $360

Casket Spray-7               $250

Casket Spray-6               $425

Casket Spray-5              $360

Casket Spray-4               $225

Casket Spray-3               $400

Casket Spray-2               $275

Casket Spray-1               $350

casket sprays

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Below are several selections of casket sprays. Please call (504-529-1638) and speak with one of our designers for help in choosing the colors, style and size of spray that will most suit your needs.