"Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God
for Israel is that they may be saved." - Romans 10:1​


BUT TODAY, a group of Native born Israelis are bringing the Gospel Light back to Israel again.

Israel is experiencing a Gospel Revolution!

4 Views per Hebrew speaker Globally of our Israeli outreach films

Gospel Views in Israel:


Gospel Views in Israel:


Gospel Views globally:


Global outreach:

"2 Years ago I came across your Facebook page and received the gospel for the first time. It hasn't been an easy journey, a lot of ups and downs but today I am about to be baptized and am overjoyed to have accepted Yeshua as my Savior. I wanted to say thank you for all the work you're doing and praying God will use you to bring the message of salvation to many more."
"Yeshua is the son of God!
And through your videos I finally saw who He truly is!"

The street ministry of Israel is not in the local square


A simple pamphlet cannot easily address the Crusades, Inquisition, the Holocaust, and acts of anti-Semitism by so-called Christians, or the many lies Orthodox rabbis teach about Jesus and the New Testament. But online videos and websites give the opportunity for in-depth answers and continued dialogue.
As a Jewish Israeli, you wouldn’t want your friends to see you reading the New Testament (or any “Christian” material). Online, however, you can explore for yourself for as long as you need.
On the internet, many feel free to say what they really think, talk about their struggles, and pose questions they wouldn’t be comfortable asking in person.

A well-funded organization operated by Orthodox Jews actively opposes the gospel in Israel. Their websites spread lies about the New Testament, Jesus, and His followers. Our websites counter with the truth.

Believers young and old use our websites and videos as a point of reference to share with their friends and family. They are empowered with answers and testimonies right at their fingertips!

Israelis touched by the Gospel

“For 2000 years the rabbis hid the truth because they were afraid of losing their power and status…Yeshua is the truth.” - Gabriel
"Your videos opened my eyes. All the years I have lived to this day as a traditional Jew, who puts on Tefillin every day, goes to synagogue, does Kiddush and more. Only now that I see this video, the light turns on for me. The Rabbis scammed us for 2000 years."
Tools of the Gospel Revolution


The rabbis love to say you can’t be Jewish and believe in Jesus. But we know Jesus is Jewish, the disciples were Jewish, and there has always been a remnant of Jewish believers throughout history. Today, there are thousands of Jewish believers in Israel and hundreds of thousands around the world.
Our video testimony series provide a platform for them to tell their story.
Israelis have many questions about faith in Jesus. Our websites are geared to reach people from secular, religious, or atheistic backgrounds. We feature over 50 short videos answering approximately 100 objections to Jesus, several hundred apologetic articles, and powerful discipleship content for those who have come to faith.

Outreach Websites:
"Really! Thank you so much! I ordered the New Testament book! Waiting for it to come, really thirsty to know more! Thank you very much" 🙏 - Orit

The New Testament in Hebrew

It’s near impossible to find the new testament at an Israeli bookstore. Therefore, we provide the New Testament to Israelis for free in print, on their phones through our Hebrew Bible app, and online with our website new.org.il.

Our Hebrew Bible App is the most popular on Google Play and we’re releasing a new version with even more features for iPhone and android this winter!

Messianic Radio Agape.fm

Many of these new believers thought they were the first Jew to believe in Yeshua, many have no clue that there’s hundreds of Hebrew worship songs or how to find them. Our internet radio station, Radio Agape, broadcasts 24/7 in Hebrew and English. We share praise and worship music, short testimonies, and short devotionals to an Israeli and global audience.

For many new believers our radio station is a lifeline of worship and praise crucial to their new walk with Messiah.

Arabic online outreach

One for Israel is reaching ALL ISRAEL

Our Arabic online outreach is changing lives from Gaza to Saudi Arabia!

In the beginning of our Jewish outreach in Hebrew we noticed that many responding to the Gospel were Arabs from Gaza, and Israel!

Our team launched media outreach in Arabic to reach the Muslim populations in Israel and the Middle East. As well many responding to the Gospel are ethnic Catholic and Orthodox Christians who have come from a dead cultural religion to a living faith in Jesus!


Powerful Testimonies, apologetics and biblical teachings are reaching millions in Israel and the Middle East in Arabic!

Our media team works together as ONE, sharing resources and strategy to reach both Arabs and Jews with the Gospel of peace! And being that we’re a bible college with a diverse collection of instructors and students, the Gospel brings us together to be a LIGHT and a resource for the Church here and abroad.

Please pray for our team and support our work to bring the Gospel Light to the dark corners of the Middle East! 

The best way to bless Israel, and the world, is with Jesus!

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Pray for our evangelism team as they share Jesus on the digital frontier. Pray for the content they are creating and the people who are connecting with us online. Pray in accordance with Romans 10:1 – “Brothers and sisters, my heart’s desire and my prayer to God for Israel is for their salvation.”



Proclaim to your friends, family, small group, church or congregation how the gospel is going forth in Israel once again! Share Jesus with your Jewish friends and how He has transformed your life.



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