Sending flowers outside our metro area can be scary. Everyone has heard stories of nightmare outcomes when an attempt to send happiness long distance via flowers turns sour. In today’s world of communications there are many approaches available, but we believe you will be served best by engaging our services.

After 35 years here in the flower business, we pride ourselves on picking the right florist in a given city. We know how to read between the lines in the florists’ directory to pick a shop on the same wavelength with us. 

For ideas on how best to order flower arrangements or plants to your liking, it would be a good idea to click on those sections of our website for helpful hints.

In most major cities across the country we have an established florist we deal with all the time. If the recipient is too far out in the suburbs, we still call our friends to get a referral to an equally good florist. Even New York City is easy for us. We have great friends there, third generation florists, who take great care of us. 

We have great success sending flowers all over the country. And in the rare case when there is a problem, we know how to work the system to make things right. The $7 relay charge you pay for our expertise and advocacy is well spent! There are many “order gatherers” out there who will take your order and transmit it for considerably more. They are not florists; they merely transmit orders with no real knowledge of how to pick a florist or concern for the outcome. They give real florists a bad name.

At harkins, we know how to take care of your out-of-town orders as if they were our own.

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